With over 200 locations across Japan,
Chiyoda Sushi will bring an authentic
Japanese experience to Vietnam.

Chiyoda Sushi is a sushi chain store with over 200 locations across Japan.
From our focus on take-out sushi shops, we have developed a diverse variety of businesses, from affordably priced conveyor belt sushi restaurants to a revival of the Edo style "Tachigui-sushi" (stand-and-eat shop).
Regardless of style, one thing is always the same; our stores offer a more accessible way to enjoy sushi. Chiyoda Sushi's mission statement is to popularize sushi. In order to make that goal a reality, the most important thing for us is to create stores where you can enjoy sushi more freely and casually.

Here in Vietnam, too, our restaurant was formed as an accessible way to enjoy fresh, delicious sushi. Having accomplished our aim of popularizing sushi within Japan, we have made it our goal to offer an authentic taste of Japan to all the people of the world, beginning with Vietnam. That means bringing to you not just flavor, but every aspect of the high quality service we provide in Japan.

1.Deliver fresh, delicious sushi.

These days, the word "sushi" has spread not just to Vietnam, but around the world.
Though sushi and Japanese food culture continues to change to suit the tastes and climate of each country, we at Chiyoda Sushi make great efforts to deliver unaltered, authentic Japanese sushi.
In order to deliver that authentic taste to our Vietnamese customers, Chiyoda Sushi observes certain principles.

  • Periodically deliver the finest
    ingredients direct
    from Toyosu fish market.

    Toyosu is Japan's largest wholesale seafood market. Chiyoda Sushi has established an intermediate wholesaler within the market. Our specialist buyers send what they judge to be the highest quality ingredients directly from Japan to Vietnam. The store is fully stocked up, so you can always enjoy fresh, authentic ingredients.

  • Offer classic Edo-style sushi
    made by Japanese sushi chefs.

    In order to offer the authentic taste of Japanese sushi in Vietnam, we employ the skills of highly dextrous, uncompromising artisans. Our head chef is Masahiro Moriya, a sushi chef with 25 years of experience in Japanese sushi shops. Supporting him are our Vietnamese chefs, all of whom are also sushi specialists that have acquired intense experience in Japan.

  • Outside of sushi,
    enjoy a wide
    variety of Japanese cuisine
    with fresh ingredients.

    At Chiyoda Sushi, we also confidently offer food other than sushi. Enjoy our fresh ingredients by themselves as sashimi, or have your fill of the authentic Japanese taste of a variety of noodle and other à la carte dishes. We have also prepared a bountiful range of Japanese sake and shochu brands for you to enjoy with your meal.

2.Offer food that you can
trust is healthy.

In recent years, the Vietnamese problem of residual pesticides and additives has particularly called into question the safety of food.
We are always working to ensure that our exacting Japanese standard of quality control is enforced all the more strictly in Vietnam, so that our customers can enjoy our sushi free of any concern.

  • Area
    In addition to our seafood imported direct from Toyosu, our natively sourced Vietnamese ingredients are procured from contracted farmers carefully selected for safety and security.
  • Freshness
    At Chiyoda Sushi, we have a freshness oversight system that spans from our personal supply routes to stocking up the store.
    Also, all our ingredients are prepared in-store, and we have established a manual hygiene for the storing of fish, according to which we perform exacting checks every day.

3.More than just taste,
offer a complete Japanese experience.

While we of course would like to offer our Vietnamese customers an authentic taste of Japan, our primary mission is for our customers to enjoy an authentic, full Japanese experience when visiting our restaurant.
That uncompromised Japanese experience is what Chiyoda Sushi delivers.

  • Japanese-style hospitality,
    the spirit of "omotenashi"

    The most crucial element in offering an authentic Japanese experience is hospitality. We green all of our customers in the uniquely Japanese, “omotenashi” style.

  • A space that's just like
    being in Japan,
    right down to
    the smallest details

    We strive to create a comfortable Japanese style space, from architecture all the way down to small details, so that you can experience Japan with all five of your senses. From the feel of the warm wood, to the lanterns that conjure up images of Japanese festivals, to the powerful hand-brushed wall paintings; no matter where you sit, you'll find that each view has its own flavor in this endlessly interesting interior.