Chiyoda Sushi - The Concert of Japanese Cuisine and Culture In The Heart of Saigon

Among many Japanese restaurants in Saigon, what makes Chiyoda Sushi be one of the first in must-tried-list of ones who love Japanese Cuisine and Culture? Go through these points to find out the reasons.

1. Fresh seafood, safe and hygienic ingredients.

The prerequisite to keep the absolute deliciousness of the dish to customers is that the source of ingredients must be fresh and of the best quality. The freshness of the seafood will make the Umami taste fuller and sweetest when enjoyed.

At Chiyoda Sushi, fish and seafood are imported directly by air from the world’s largest Toyosu fish market located in Tokyo – Japan to Vietnam for ensuring the safest and purest freshness Sashimi and Sushi dishes served at the restaurant.

Besides, other ingredients will be selected from partners and importers around Vietnam through a rigorous selection and evaluation process under Japanese standard, before being processed.

Therefore, diners can completely feel the delicious taste of the sea, the forest, the crops… in the most original way when enjoying the cuisine at the restaurant.

2. Diverse menu with Authentic Japanese taste.

Every customer coming to Chiyoda Sushi brings an abundance and variety of forms and purposes when enjoying the foods. There are many groups of people coming to celebrate Birthday parties, congratulations on promotion; a small group of people will discuss jobs and contracts; couple enjoying happy valentine’s day together; There is also a family of 6 people, 3 generations, happily reunited on a weekend evening… Therefore, the selection and building of a menu with more than 300 dishes aiming to meet all the different needs of each group is also an enthusiastic achievement of Chiyoda Sushi.

For diners who want to enjoy Sashimi (raw ingredients), a variety of menus ranging from Moriawase, Premium Tokusen Sashimi Mori to Sashimi and Sushi ala carte are meticulously selected by the restaurant. For diners who like well-cooked food; Sushi and Roll dishes with cooked neda (topping) are added such as Shrimp Sushi, Japanese eel Sushi, Salmon skin rice rolls…

Diners who are children can enjoy Takoyaki (octopus cakes),Japanese  pancakes, or fatty cheese dishes…There will be a menu of salads and vegetables for diners who like the freshness and coolness. The menu of hot pot and grilled dishes will be suitable for groups of donors who want to chill and gossip on a cold rainy day…

Thanks to the meticulously designed and built menu, which is targeting each specific customer group demand, Chiyoda Sushi has become one of the top choices in the hearts of Japanese food lovers.

3. Talented and experienced Sushi artisans.

To bring excellent dishes to diners, beside the fresh ingredients, there is also requirement of ingenious processing techniques from the chefs at Chiyoda Sushi.

Difference of ingredients need separative treatment and preparation; Besides, the requirements on processing techniques, from cutting, washing, seasoning, balling rice, cooking, decoration, etc. are also strict and have their own standards for each dish.

Therefore, to thoroughly understand each ingredient, even from the smallest sesame seed to the preparation and decoration process of the dish for preserving the freshness, quintessence and soul of Japanese cuisine, the chefs must really love the job, have extensive knowledge and experience.

The chef at the restaurant is well-trained by Japanese experts and thanks to their high-skilled techniques, passionate of the job, and dedication to each dish, they have captivated many diners.

Especially, Chef Moriya Masahiro, 25 years of experience in making Japanese dishes, with a talented traditional Sushi making technique and Edomae spirit, along with in-depth understanding of seafood, ingredients, spices… he is the secret that helps to keep diners always want to visit Chiyoda Sushi.

4. “Omotenashi” Spirit.

The indispensable element in bringing “quality Japanese experience” to diners is “hospitality”. Chiyoda Sushi always graciously welcomes diners with the spirit of “Omotenashi” culture.

In Japanese, “Omotenashi” means welcoming customers with all your heart and honesty, without pretense, and hiding. It is the care and actions that help customers feel most comfortable and happy like at home.

Omotenashi can be felt from beautifully decorated and delicious dishes; from the dedicated, polite advice of waiters…to the smiles, greetings, and thank words every time customers come in and out…

5. To Popularize Sushi – 60 years of development and 200 stores.

Chiyoda Sushi Japan was established in 1959 with a chain of 200 Sushi restaurants spread throughout Japan. Chiyoda Sushi Japan runs business with different restaurant models such as Mochikaeri Sushiten “Takeaway” or the Kaiten Sushi “Conveyor belt Sushi”.

Chiyoda Sushi’s mission is to “Popularize Sushi “, which means to bring Sushi and Japanese cuisine to everyone with the best quality and most affordable prices.

This “To Popularize Sushi” mission is not only carried out in Japan, but Chiyoda Sushi has also been willing to deploy it to the whole world; and Vietnam is the one of first destinations of Chiyoda Sushi.

6. Small Japan in the middle of Saigon.

In order to help diners fully experience Japanese cuisine and culture right in Saigon, Chiyoda Sushi restaurants in Vietnam have been invested and built so that they can be seen as a Miniature Museum of Japanese Culture.

From the exterior to the interior, all are decorated with materials and construction techniques from Japan, such as Tori-style entrance gate, wooden floor, sliding wall door… The smallest details such as eating utensils, mini grill stove, smokeless charcoal, chopsticks… are all imported directly from Japan to ensure the closest experience to the Japanese culinary culture for diners.

At Chiyoda Sushi Ben Thanh restaurant, diners will not only enjoy cuisine, but also can approach and learn about specific Japanese culture such as Kabuki, Japanese doll collection, Daruma, Hagoita, traditional costumes Kimono and Yukata…

All details from largest to smallest are invested with highest enthusiasm by Chiyoda Sushi, in order to help diners to enjoy the cuisine of the “Sun Rising Land” perfectly in the middle of Saigon City.

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