The Art of Nigiri Sushi at Chiyoda Sushi

Sushi is An Art – Sushi Chef is Truly an Artist.

To make a delicious Nigiri Sushi, in accordance with Edomae standards, not only requires high skill, enthusiasm, but in that, also the heart of Chef.

For a Nigiri Sushi to meet Edomae standards, Chiyoda Sushi must ensure

Freshness and Safety

Freshness of Ingredients will be able to make the most of the natural UMAMI taste full of the essence of Japanese cuisine.

The selection of reliable ingredients and suppliers is also a way to ensure the Safety of the dishes to the Diners.

Therefore, the ingredients at Chiyoda Sushi are always selected from reputable suppliers. With fresh ingredients from seafood and fish, the purchasing department at Chiyoda Sushi Japan will take care of the purchase and air transport to Vietnam within the same day.

Fillet Technique

Fillet fish to make Neta requires high technical skills and must be extremely smooth and proficient.

Each cut must be neat, sharp, decisive, and powerful to fillet fish pieces must reach the correct thickness, ensuring freshness, softness but not crushing.

Pressing Techniques

The technique of pressing rice is extremely important in shaping Nigiri Sushi.

The rice must be pressed with moderate force, so that the rice grains form a mass but are not crushed.

Rice and Fish (Shari and Neta) must be compressed in a standard time to ensure the freshness of the Fish and the warmth and aroma of the Sushi rice.

When using Nigiri, the rice will not dissolve when dipped with soy sauce but will dissolve as soon as it is put in the mouth.

Art of Decoration

The art of presenting and decorating Sushi is the last important step before serving dinners. Nigiri pieces are harmoniously and elegantly decorated on appropriate plates, creating a highlight for the dish but still maintaining the sophistication and simplicity of Japanese culture.

In an assorted set, the position of Nigiri in the set must also be carefully presented so that it can highlight the taste of the Diner. For example, in the Salmon Nigiri Zukushi set, Nama Salmon with a light, fatty flavor will be placed first and Carpaccio Salmon with a strong, rich aroma of onions and Italian sauce will served last.

Nigiri Art in Chiyoda Sushi

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